Kirti Mistry


How long have you worked here? I started working here in November 2016 when I went straight to work on one of our biggest clients, but before that I had my own business for over 20 years.

What specialist skills do you offer your clients? I now work on three of our largest clients on a daily basis and I think my main strength is my friendly approach and great customer service.

What have been your greatest professional achievements while you have been here? I enjoy developing relationships with clients, getting to know them and their business and then being able to advise them about how to achieve their desired goals.

What's the best thing about working here? The team is great and it’s really rewarding when a client tells your boss that they are very happy with you and your work.

What reasons would you give other people for joining Northern Accountants? We’ve got a great team and an environment which is really enjoyable to be part of.

What is the main reason you would give a client for working with us? We’re a great team who actively deliver on our promises.

What drives you to achieve great results for clients? I have a strong work ethic and a passion for always achieving client expectations.

What advice would you give someone aspiring to be a successful business owner? Talk to the right people to get the best advice you can, starting with your accountant – they usually know more than you’d think!

Family life details? I am happily divorced with two lovely grown-up children.

What's playing in your car right now? Arctic Monkeys & Drake.

If you could go back in time, what piece of advice would you most like to tell your younger self? Don’t settle and be bold.

What are your pet hates? Untidiness and tardiness!

How would you describe yourself in 5 words? Friendly, motivated, happy, reliable and adventurous.

Name your favourite musical artist, food, book and TV shows? The Weeknd, any Italian dish, the Harry Potter books (all of them) and The Good Wife or Game of Thrones.

If you could only take 3 things to a desert island, what would they be and why? I would take Bear Grylls – because then I would not need anything else!