Personal tax planning is the responsibility of every individual who submits their tax return under the HMRC self-assessment scheme, which runs from 6 April to the following 5 April every year.

Whether you’re a self-employed sole trader or company director, you must correctly calculate and pay any tax you owe on time. Failing to comply with your obligations can result in fines ranging from £100 up to 100% of the tax amount due.

As experienced personal tax planning specialists, Northern Accountants can make sure you do not incur unnecessary fines by preparing a tax return on your behalf – and telling you exactly how much must be paid to HMRC.

The main personal tax planning services we offer are:

  • ·      Completions and submission to HMRC
  • ·      Deductions and reliefs
  • ·      Details of payments for business expenses (eg receipts)
  • ·      Gift aid payments
  • ·      Interest and dividends
  • ·      Personal pension plan certificates
  • ·      Self-assessment tax returns
  • ·      Share options awarded or exercised
  • ·      Tax planning and advice

As an accountant who works with sole traders, SMBs and large companies in a range of different sectors, we’re confident we can make your life much easier. The initial consultation is free and it could save you thousands in future!